by Molly Clavering
ISBN 978-1-907503-45-0 
    At Number Four Kirkaldy Crescent lives Miss Dorothea Balfour, a timid elderly spinster alone in the world after the recent death of her overbearing elder sister.  Next door at Number Six lives Mrs. Lenox and her five children: Willow, newly married but still living at home; clever, warm-hearted Rowan, with a social conscience; Hazel, a medical secretary hopelessly in love with a young doctor; Holly, still at school, and Murray, the only son - a family whose ease and happiness Miss Balfour could only observe from a distance, and envy.  But now, free from her repressive sister’s strictures, a whole new world of warmth and friendship opens up between the two households.
Originally published in 1956. 
The cover shows two ‘near neighbours’ in Edinburgh’s New Town, numbers Four and Six, where the Lenox family and Miss Balfour might have lived.  
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